The Popular Parliamentary Group has addressed the Government with a battery of written questions in Congress to inquire about when it will adopt effective measures to respond to the demand for prevention material against COVID-19 for health professionals.

In these questions, the GPP calls on the Government to say “if you plan to do something to comply with the requests of the State Confederation of Trade Unions
Doctors and make it possible for the material and equipment for protection, diagnosis and treatment to arrive on time and in the required quantity to the healthcare centers, and if you plan to authorize the General Council of Official Nursing Colleges of Spain to immediately buy thousands of safety masks in the face of the desperate situation experienced by health professionals, forced to provide their assistance without having the necessary safety equipment to protect themselves ”.

Likewise, the Popular Group wants to know if the Government contemplates "effective measures" to respond to the demands made by the General Council of
Official Medical Associations with regard to the fact that “not a day goes by without the obligatory protection material for health personnel; without the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic resources; without professionals being in decision-making and without the diagnostic tests that are necessary to know how many real cases there are and where they are ”.

With this new battery of questions, the GPP is interested in the isolation measures planned for the members of the Executive who, like the Prime Minister, "have had contact with the director of the Coordination Center for Alerts and Health Emergencies, Fernando Simón , in the days prior to testing positive for coronavirus, and when do you plan to make them effective ”.

The Executive is also asked the reasons why the Royal Decree-Law, of March 29, which regulates a recoverable paid leave for workers for
External account that they do not provide essential services, "was not published in the BOE until a few minutes before midnight that day and if the Government is aware of the enormous concern that such unjustified delay caused in millions of employers and workers that until the At midnight on March 29 they did not know whether or not they should resume their activities a few hours later and return to their jobs. ” Finally, the Executive is asked about "whether it is aware that a strict prohibition on dismissal in this scenario of total paralysis leads to insolvency for thousands of SMEs and the self-employed."

Appearance requests

In addition, the GPP has requested the appearance of the Director of Public Health, Quality and Innovation in the Health Commission of Congress to "give an account of the exercise of their functions in the face of the crisis caused by the Coronavirus."

The Popular Group also requests that the Secretary General of Health appear in said Commission to “explain the decisions taken by the General Secretariat of Health to confront the crisis generated by COVID-19”.

Non-Law Propositions

Among the new Proposals not of Law, the GPP also urges the Government to “put in place new measures that help automobile and component manufacturers, dealers and workshops in the sector to gradually recover their activity and the necessary income to guarantee that 100% of its staff retain their work for six months after resuming activity after ERTE. "

In this initiative, signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the secretary general of the Popular Group, Guillermo Mariscal, and the deputies Tristana Moraleja and Elena Castillo, the implementation of “a Shock Plan to Relaunch the sector of the automotive, including measures to stimulate demand and recovery of production, investment and employment. " It also calls on the Government "to modify the taxation of the automobile, eliminating the current registration tax and replacing it with a taxation based on annual use based on emissions."

Requests for data, reports and documents

In this area, the GPP asks the Government to list the meetings held with the provider of the COVID-19 rapid detection tests, from the Chinese company Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology, as well as the day, time and list of attendees of any meeting held before and after receipt of orders and also after their return.

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