El senador por Cantabria, Javier Puente, la senadora por Castilla-La Mancha, Carolina Agudo y la senadora por Murcia, Violante Tomás en su reunión con  representantes la Federación de Familias Numerosas.

The PP affirms that granting the title of large family taking into account income, as proposed by Pablo Iglesias, undermines support for households with more children

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a motion in the Senate registry, in which it urges the Government to guarantee that the status of a large family depends only on the number of children as a requirement to obtain the title of large family and the benefits to which it gives right, so as not to distort the concept of numerous, as claimed by the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN).

The motion of the GPP responds to the latest statements by the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, who recently stated that the income of families would be taken into account in order to obtain the title of large family. In addition, the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) has shown its disagreement, understanding that it goes against the principle of social justice and undermines support for households with more children, who are the ones that spend the most and contribute the most human capital, indicates the text of the motion.

The initiative of the popular, which will be debated in the Committee on the Rights of the Family, Children and Adolescents, states that “the condition of a large family is taken into account by the number of children and is a recognition and support for families who have a greater number of children, regardless of the circumstances of these households.


According to the popular in the Senate, "the purpose is to protect the homes where there are more children, because they have a fundamental value in themselves, because they are the citizens of the future, so it cannot be confused with measures aimed at helping those who they have fewer resources or are in a situation of vulnerability due to certain circumstances, because that means losing all sense of the concept of numerous ”.

In this sense, the GPP affirms that "large families represent a group with a particular vulnerability whose protection must respond to social and non-assistance measures."

Thus, the title of large family, which entitles families with more children than the average to obtain certain benefits, ”must maintain its purpose of recognizing and compensating the social contribution that this group makes to society in the form of capital. human". Likewise, the popular ones emphasize that "large families compensate for the very low birth rate and the aging of the population that threatens the maintenance of the Welfare State." In addition, "these households have a high level of consumption, so they can be considered an engine of economic development in the short and medium term, especially important in times of crisis."

Finally, the PP ensures that "the family, as the fundamental nucleus of society, performs multiple social functions that make it worthy of specific social, economic and legal protection that the public powers must ensure."

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