El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Luis Santamaría

The GPP's spokesman for Justice, Luis Santamaría, assured today that "the verbal incontinence of the second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, against the judges is one more example of his intransigence and determined will to assault the judiciary."

In this sense, he regretted that "yesterday, and despite the fact that the General Council of the Judiciary had asked him for restraint and restraint in both communications, he again interfered in the jurisdictional function, questioning the work of Judge García Castellón in the" case Churches ”.

"The news and emails released this week show that, not only does something smell rotten in Podemos, but that Iglesias is determined to be the king of what the Iglesias called sewers of the State based on sneaks and intolerable collusions", has denounced.

"Every time Iglesias refers to the work of the judges and magistrates of our country, the rule of law in Spain trembles," said Luis Santamaría, who recalled that Iglesias "has also become an accusing finger threatening from the Government to the media that echo the 'Case of Churches'.

The popular spokesman has expressed his concern that "the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlo Campo, acts as a simple acolyte for the vice president, setting himself up today as an accusing finger and interfering in jurisdictional work when he states that 'the King must be investigated.' Who is Minister Campo to tell the Justice who should be investigated and who should not? "

"Both rides, rides both, Iglesias and Campo," says Santamaría, who indicates that "the Minister of Justice spoke a few days ago of a 'constitutional crisis' in which Spain finds itself, but the true constitutional crisis occurs in Spain when the executive branch interferes with the judiciary with threatening and irresponsible statements like his. ”

In this way, he continued, "democracy is jeopardized because behind these statements there is only one attempt to submit to the judiciary." "An attempt that will find in the Popular Party a firm adversary," he concluded.

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