It requires the Minister of Equality to appear in Congress to account for her responsibility in convening these concentrations despite the contrary recommendation of European organizations

The Popular Parliamentary Group has urged the Government to commission an independent scientific committee to carry out a scientific study to analyze the correlation between the concentrations of people who participated in the protests on March 8 and the increase in those infected by COVID-19 on days after those massive celebrations.

With this Proposition not of Law signed by the spokeswoman of the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the attached spokespersons Pilar Marcos and Sandra
Moneo, the GPP's spokesperson for Equality, Margarita Prohens, and the deputies Pedro Navarro and Beatriz Fanjul, the GPP calls for a scientific study "that allows discerning
the real impact of the delay in the government decisions of confinement until after 8-M as a relevant element when evaluating the impact of the
pandemic in Spain ”.

This initiative recalls that "the action of the Government of Pedro Sánchez regarding the protests on March 8 has encouraged a public debate to elucidate whether the Executive has minimized the risk that massive concentrations of these characteristics have in the potential contagion of COVID-19", and stresses that "on January 31 the WHO announced that the infectious outbreak was a Public Health Emergency of International Importance and on February 11, its president considered it 'the number one public enemy in the world".

In the explanatory memorandum, it is recalled that on those same dates in early March, Italy announced the prohibition by decree of entries and exits from the Lombardy region and from 14 other regions, but in Spain the Minister of Health justified the holding of the demonstrations. of 8-M with the argument that "the change in the situation" occurred "on Sunday evening."

Appearance requests

In addition, the GPP registered yesterday the request for the appearance of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, in the corresponding Commission of the Congress to give an account "of its responsibility in the call for mass gatherings throughout Spain on March 8 despite the know the recommendations of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in a report issued on March 2, in which it recommended 'avoid unnecessary mass concentrations of the coronavirus'.

Written questions

Among the new battery of questions written to the Government, the GPP is interested in "whether the Minister of Science and Innovation communicated to the Presidency the urgency of taking epidemiological measures" after stating that "Spanish researchers began to work intensively on COVID- January 19 'and, if so, if he considers the March 8 demonstrations “appropriate”.

In this sense, the Government is also asked “if it considers that it was correct to authorize large concentrations of people during the month of March when it was already known what was happening in other countries; Who exactly were the experts and the health authority that, according to the Minister of Equality, guaranteed that they could maintain and encourage attendance at mass gatherings on March 8 or what explanation has that massive events such as the Mobile de Barcelona be canceled and the Government itself encouraged people to go to 8-M ”.

In addition, the GPP is also interested in the reasons why Minister Irene Montero interrupted the quarantine before doing a new test that was positive, what price the Government paid for the tests acquired in China, why the Government veto questions about the defective tests in the press conferences or "if the Executive ratifies the words of Fernando Simón in which he affirmed that 'when there is an affected health professional, all the professionals around him are tested and the positives are identified."

Finally, he wonders about "what" are the "recommendations of science" that President Sánchez declared to follow on March 12 and which experts gave them, in case he has any measures planned to compensate the victims of COVID-19 and , in the field of agriculture, for "if the Government has evaluated the needs of field workers and immigrant labor necessary to face the agricultural campaigns of the coming months and what kind of requirements they must meet".

More Proposals not of Law

Among the new Proposals not of Law, the GPP also urges the Government to extend the duration of tax exemptions of the Preparation Program for Spanish athletes of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games until December 31, 2021, after the postponement of the themselves for the health crisis.

Requests for data, reports and documents

In this area, the GPP claims a copy of all the documents in the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda on the acquisition of masks regulated in Order TMA / 263/2020, of March 20, and Order TMA / 292 / 2020, March 26.

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