Reclamamos al Gobierno medidas que mitiguen el impacto de la crisis del COVID- 19 en los jóvenes de nuestro país

• The popular denounce the increase in unemployment, the greatest difficulties to make emancipation or precariousness effective

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented in Congress a battery of parliamentary questions to demand that the Government take into consideration the measures proposed by the Spanish Youth Council to mitigate the impact of the crisis caused by the coronavirus on the youth of our country. country.

As the GPP explains in the explanatory statement, the Spanish Youth Council has published a document on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and the socio-economic vulnerability of young people in our country. Among other situations, they denounce the increase in unemployment, the greater difficulties in making emancipation or precariousness effective.

For this reason, the Council proposes different proposals regarding employment, housing, health and education, focused on young people, such as the preparation of plans that
count on young people who are actively searching for a job, establish specific emancipation aids that support people who are leaving the family home for the first time, or take measures to make distance training possible.

For all these reasons, the popular signatories to the initiative – Deputy GPP spokeswoman Sandra Moneo, and Deputies Alicia García, Beatriz Fanjul, Eduardo Carazo, Diego Movellán and María Teresa Angulo – ask the Government if it is going to take into account the proposals of the Council of the Youth of Spain and implement some of them, and if so, which ones specifically and in what real time frames, given the urgent need for all of them.

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