• It also requires that you set minimum services for retail fuel distribution activities performed by gas stations.

The Popular Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies has urged the Government to issue a rule for the total or partial exemption from the provincial surcharge of the Economic Activities Tax (IAE).

With a Proposal not of Law signed by the spokesman of the Popular Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and by the deputy spokesmen Mario Garcés and Macarena Montesinos, the GPP demands to process, urgently, a norm with legal rank “that protects the approval of the exemption , total or partial, of the IAE provincial surcharge so that it can be applied by those Provincial Deputations that have resources and want to contribute to the maintenance of business activity in their province. ”

In addition, with another new Proposal not of Law -signed by Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the general secretary of the GPP, Guillermo Mariscal, and by the spokesman for Transport, Andrés Lorite- the Popular Group also urges the Government “to carry out the measures appropriate in order to establish minimum services for retail fuel distribution activities carried out by service stations in the context of the fight against COVID-19 ”.

Written questions

Also in the economic section, a battery of questions is presented to the Government to find out, among other issues, "what actions are planned for those steel industries that, despite the measures decreed by the Government, cannot stop their production."

Likewise, the Executive is questioned about “what economic, social and labor impact will bring the paralysis of the construction sector and the tile sector as a consequence of Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, of March 29, on essential services; for the assessment made by the Government of the situation of the energy cogeneration companies in the face of the reduction in energy production as a consequence of said Royal Decree, as well as for the assessment of the fall in consumption of industrial electricity demand since the declaration alarm state ”.

Finally, the Executive is also questioned about whether it contemplates concrete measures aimed at the airline industry to curb the impact of the crisis or about whether any industry or industrial sector has intervened since the declaration of the state of alarm.

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