The GPP calls for Sánchez to appear in Congress to report on the latest European Council and new measures against the Coronavirus
Registered the two requests to appear in the Lower House

It also requires the Executive to articulate a common response with more countries in the South of the EU to avoid a tourist veto.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has demanded from the Government, with a battery of questions in Congress, a coordinated opening of borders with the EU so that it does not harm the tourism sector.

The Popular Group recalls "the importance that international tourism has for our country", and that the limitations of movements established at European level as a consequence of COVID-19 "are being devastating for the sector, which cannot face a long closure of the external and internal borders ”.

That does not occur at two speeds

With this battery of initiatives, signed by the GPP deputy spokesperson Marta González, the Tourism spokesperson, Agustín Almodóbar, the GPP Foreign spokesperson, Valentina Martínez, and the deputy Teresa Jiménez Becerril, the GPP asks the following questions to the Executive:

– Is this government in favor of a gradual opening of internal borders within the EU?

– What strategy will the Government of Spain implement to recover the deteriorated image of our country, on which the evidence of the delay in reacting to the coronavirus and the unsuccessful management when it comes to protecting the population, especially to older people and health personnel, which has led us to be one of the countries that will find it most difficult to regain the trust of international tourists?

– How is the Government working to ensure that there is a coordinated approach by all the EU Member States and that the opening of internal borders is not carried out at two speeds, which would affect Spain, as it is one of the countries most affected within the Union?

– What measures is this Government taking in view of the possible opening of Spain's external borders, in a coordinated manner with the EU, and how is the tourism sector being helped to combine the reception of tourists and the essential security against possible outbreaks of COVID -19?

– With what diplomatic measures is the outstanding quality of health care in Spain being valued, at a European level, to collaborate in the take-off of tourism and give security to tourists who decide to visit us, when the Schengen Area is unblocked?

– Does this Government articulate a common response, with more countries from the South of the EU, to demand the necessary solidarity from the other Member States and avoid this tourist veto to Spain and Italy, mainly, which would curb hopes of recovery in the sector more punished during the COVID-19 pandemic?

– How is the Government acting to ensure that the recovery of mobility is based on equal rules and that travel is safe and without interruptions?

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