• With a great campaign to generate enough confidence to enable a return to normality as soon as possible

The Popular Parliamentary Group has demanded the Government with a Proposition not of Law in the Congress that promotes the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands as safe and pandemic-free destinations with a great campaign of tourist promotion for when the activity of the sector resumes.

Specifically, the GPP urges the Government "to incentivize a large tourism promotion campaign in coordination with the Autonomous Communities, Councils, Consells and
private collaboration, specifically aimed at valuing the destinations of both archipelagos in order to thus contribute to generating sufficient confidence to enable the return to normality as soon as possible of the operation of the main economic engine of the Balearic and Canary Islands ”.

With this initiative signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the secretary general of the GPP, Guillermo Mariscal, the spokesman for Tourism, Agustín Almodóbar, and the rest of the deputies of the two archipelagos -Auxiliadora Pérez, Ana Zurita and Sebastián Ledesma, for the Canary Islands ; and Marga Prohens and Miguel Ángel Jerez, for the Balearic Islands – the GPP calls on the Government to promote "a generalized campaign of massive epidemiological tests for the detection of the virus through the health authorities of the Balearic and Canary Islands in order to detect the scope of the pandemic. "

Likewise, it requires "to immediately establish a symptomatic control through the appropriate technical means in each and every one of the port and airport stations" of the two archipelagos, "in order to diagnose the symptoms of all passengers and crews with destination or transit and to intensify this detection measure once they are regularly open to common passenger traffic. ”

And as a fourth measure, the GPP asks the Government to provide “sufficient protection equipment to all the workers of the port and airport stations of the archipelagos, as well as to all sectors of the population of the islands, in which their activity economic has been considered essential and ensure the provision of protection elements for the rest of the populations and permitted activities, in order to ensure their safety against the transmission of the virus.

In the explanatory memorandum, the GPP points out that “it has been shown that the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are very sensitive to any negative effect that affects tourist demand flows and the rebound effect causes, to the same extent, an impact on an offer strongly linked to the services sector, thereby compromising the maintenance of hundreds of thousands of jobs ”. "To the bankruptcy of the touristic giant Thomas Cook, the effects of an international sanitary crisis are added nowadays that keep practically all industrial and commercial activity paralyzed today", he adds.

"There being sufficient reasons for optimism in terms of overcoming the health crisis," stresses the GPP, "the most authoritative opinions on
economic point that tourism on all islands will be one of the last activities to achieve recovery until reaching recent demand levels. "The strong dependence on air transport constitutes a disadvantage in itself unlike other continental destinations with land connections," he warns.

"Recognizing that the main threat to the tourism sector is the virus," explains the initiative, "so will distrust when activity resumes again.
tourism and airlines to operate again. " Therefore, in order to encourage encouragement and confidence in the main issuing markets, the Popular Group points out that "it is essential to generate a real perception of security in the potential visitor in order to stimulate said confidence again and maintain their loyalty" .

"And to bring out all this wealth of tranquility in the traveler, it will be conclusive to be able to scientifically demonstrate that the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are safe and pandemic-free destinations," he concludes.

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