The PP also requires that the Court of Auditors supervise the use of microcredits (crowdfunding) of the Spanish formations that have resorted to them in recent years

The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered the petition to appear at the Plenary Session of the Congress, jointly with C's, of the President of the Government, to explain the position of the Spanish Government in the face of recent events in the National Assembly of Venezuela, and if it supports Juan Guaidó after his recent election as Head of Parliament.

In addition, the GPP today registered an initiative for the Court of Auditors to carry out a comprehensive audit of political parties, their foundations and other related entities “in relation to the financing of internal processes for the selection of leaders and the members of the candidates for the elective processes for the representative institutions of the country ”.

The PP initiative also emphasizes that the Court will carry out “an audit regarding the use of microcredits and micro-donations (crowdfunding) for the financing of the development” of any action linked “to the activity of the political parties in 2016 -2019 ”.

The statement of reasons for the initiative, signed by the GPP spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, states that in these years new modalities of access to positions of responsibility have been introduced in political organizations through processes that “even allow those who lack of a previous relationship with the organization ”.

The control of all the activity of the different political formations “demands to know fully their sources of financing”, including the most perfect identification of the entities (as foundations) that have participated, directly or indirectly, in said internal processes, for reasons of transparency and equal conditions.

The GPP considers that the recommendations made by the Court of Auditors could give rise to “the introduction of legislative proposals to regulate access to this financing channel in more detail”.

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