The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered a letter in Congress to convene an extraordinary session of the Finance Commission, in which Minister María Jesús Montero reports the breach of the provisions of the Organic Law regarding the approval of the so-called roof of expense for the 2020 Budgets.

In addition, according to Mario Garcés, deputy spokesman on economic matters of the GPP Directorate, Montero should also explain the repercussions that said breach of the Budget Stability and Financial Sustainability rule will have on the financial activity of the Public Administrations, in relation to the establishment of a maximum limit of non-financial expenditure for the next fiscal year.

Garcés has highlighted that "Spain cannot live in a systemic paralysis" and that "it is a serious irresponsibility to leave the functions that the Government of Sánchez is doing in budgetary matters."

“The lack of approval of the expenditure ceiling condemns our country to immobility. A government unable to articulate the procedure for the approval of the 2020 accounts commits an intolerable imprudence, ”he stressed.

He also indicated that “never before in the democratic history of our country had there been a double extension of a Budget. This inability to adjust the Budgets to the changing needs of our society penalizes our position as a State in the international environment, but, above all, it is causing damage to all Spaniards. ”

The popular leader has added that “the situation that Spain is experiencing is unusual: the acting Government executes an extended budget that was elaborated at the time by a Government of the Popular Party and, for the second time, we are compelled to extend it again. We cannot allow the abnormality to be installed in the budget practice, because the Spaniards cannot endure this situation any longer. ”


After recalling that GDP has slowed in the second quarter, trade has frozen and that unemployment fell in July seven times less than in the same month last year, Garcés has insisted that “one of the main vehicles to intervene in our economy it is the Budget and the Government of Sánchez has consciously renounced its processing ”.

“In order to act on some of the areas in which there is a weakening of the main economic indicators, the budget expenditure items must adapt to the new needs. In another case, we would recognize the paradox that a government can remain without a budget and without new budgetary policy orientations, ”he said.

Finally, the popular leader has concluded by highlighting that "the lack of approval of the Budgets is causing a significant deterioration in the Treasury of the Autonomous Communities and Local Corporations, which are essentially providers of social public services."

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