It proposes to relax the conditions required for the concessions of deferrals of the payment of contributions once the state of alarm ceases.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has urged the Government to eliminate the quota corresponding to the month of March for all the self-employed by virtue of a Proposition not of Law registered in the Congress.

With this initiative signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the PP deputy secretaries Cuca Gamarra and Elvira Rodríguez, the deputy spokesperson, José Ignacio Echániz, the Labor spokesperson for the GPP, Diego Movellán, and the deputy of the Group Popular Llanos de Luna, the GPP claims the Government that, given the dramatic situation of lack of activity and liquidity that the group of self-employed workers and SMEs is suffering, proceed to suspend the collection of quotas from all the self-employed as early as this month of March, "in order to avoid further damage to a group already especially hit by the economic and social consequences of the pandemic caused by COVID-19."

Said initiative also urges the Government "without prejudice to the foregoing, to suspend the terms of entry of contributions to Social Security for SMEs and the Self-Employed while the state of alarm lasts, as well as to make the conditions required for the concessions of deferrals more flexible. (and fractioning) of the payment of contributions to Social Security once the state of alarm ceases in order to favor the resumption of work activity ”.

More Propositions not of Law in favor of the self-employed

This Proposal is part of the battery of initiatives registered by the GPP in favor of the self-employed group, for which the Popular Group has requested the Government to regulate the situation of the self-employed professionals assigned to mutual alternatives to RETA.

In another initiative, the Government is urged to adopt the necessary measures to support street vendor workers in street markets and to develop a plan for the professionalization, revitalization and modernization of street vending.

Finally, support measures are also demanded from taxpayers, workers, the self-employed and companies, such as "the expansion of the means of consultation to solve and facilitate doubts and procedures in the management of ERTE or the regulation of the obligation to file quarterly declarations of taxes, accumulating them to the following quarter and making possible an interest-free deferment ”.

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