Reclamamos al Gobierno un Plan de refuerzo para los universitarios que finalicen su grado este curso

• It also calls for a rigorous study of the future consequences for the promotions of university students affected by the crisis

The Popular Parliamentary Group has demanded the Government, with a Proposition not of Law in the Congress, that it impel a Plan of reinforcement for those university students who finish their degree this academic year.

Specifically, the Popular Group urges the Executive to "design, together with representatives of the Conference of rectors of Spanish universities, of the Social Councils, regional officials, representatives of the Council of State university students and, where appropriate, of the Colleges professionals, a reinforcement Plan available to university students who complete their degree this year that reduces the negative impact that the abnormal development of this academic year could have on their training. ”

With this initiative signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, by the deputy spokesperson Sandra Moneo and by the GPP spokesperson for Universities, María Jesús Moro, the GPP also calls for “a rigorous study to obtain concrete data on the consequences of the measures adopted at the educational, social and economic level of this pandemic, as well as the future consequences (training and salaries) on the promotions of affected university students ”.

In the explanatory memorandum the GPP cites recent studies – such as the OEI reports Effects of the coronavirus on education, UNESCO's COVID-19 Impact on Education or COVID-19 has thrust universities into online learning-how should they adapt? from, who “already warn of the negative effects that the health crisis COVID-19 is going to have, in the short and long term, on Spanish students, especially on university students as they are the most immediate victims of this crisis when to be closer to the incorporation of a labor market severely affected by the crisis ”, and which point to a reduction in the level of qualifications, wages and an increase in unemployment.

"These effects are aggravated", adds the initiative, "when for months and abruptly teaching has turned from face-to-face to online without uniformity in the possibilities of student access to such training" due to various problems.

As the GPP emphasizes, "our students are the main asset of the country's recovery and must be part of our main concerns without their future being left to chance or luck."

Written questions

With a new set of questions about Education, the GPP also requires the Government, in view of the particular 2019-2020 school year and taking into account the data requested for access to scholarships, to say “if you plan to compensate students who start University in 2020 and whose families may have suffered a significant economic destabilization that prevents them from paying tuition, material expenses or, in their case, accommodation and meals in another city ”.

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