Reclamamos al Gobierno medidas para las comunidades de propietarios ante la desescalada

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a battery of questions to the Government for the Executive to clarify if it plans to take measures in view of the concern of the General Council of Property Administrators of Spain for the new economic and social situation generated by the pandemic.

The deputies who signed the initiative – the GPP deputy spokesperson, Mario Garcés, the Housing spokeswoman Ana Zurita and the Deputy Housing spokesperson, María Soledad Cruz-Guzmán – state that the Council represents more than 15,000 administrators of collegiate farms and has He showed his concern for the challenges of the communities of owners in the de-escalation, since, “to their daily tasks they will add all the pending issues that have accumulated during the state of alarm”.

For this reason, the GPP has raised a series of questions to find out, among other issues, whether it is in the Government's plans to extend the deadlines that affect all the obligations of the communities of owners, provided that they do not diminish the security of the property, to ensure that work can be carried out with sufficient margin within the de-escalation phase.

Also, they wonder if the Government plans to extend for a year the terms that the Owners Communities have to hold general meetings.
annually, and if they also plan to regulate the possibility of holding the General Meetings of the Owners Communities electronically.

Finally, given the need to adopt balanced measures with the new social and economic situation, the popular people want to know if the Executive plans that the digital dividend subsidies and those destined for rehabilitation works, removal of architectural barriers and other similar ones are not taxed. in personal income tax, or some type of tax relief that affects the communities of owners.

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