Reclamamos al Gobierno todos los expedientes sobre la compra de mascarillas

It also asks Health to specify the material distributed to the Autonomous Communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, broken down by products and days

The Popular Parliamentary Group has submitted almost thirty requests for data by parliamentary means, in accordance with article seven of the Congress Regulations, claiming from the Government all the purchasing files, with the acts of reception, of centralized sanitary material by the State to different companies, to be able to compare and know how much of the supplies has not reached the Autonomous Communities.

Specifically, the initiatives require the government to receive the receipts and other data on the various supplies of health products purchased by the Ministry of Health centrally through the National Institute of Health Management (INGESA) or the National Health System, to companies such as 3M, ABBOT, Antonio Puig, Biomerieux, China Meheco, China National, Danbury, Drager, Durvz, Escribano Mechanical, FCS Select, Fedifar, Genetic Analysis, Genomics, Getinge, Globalia Broker or Hangzhou Ruining.

The Popular Group has also presented a battery of questions to the Government in which it wants to know how much equipment to protect, diagnose and also to treat the coronavirus -masks, gloves, glasses, gowns, tests, respirators … – from other countries has received the Executive during the pandemic, specifying the quantity, type of material and place of origin for each day, "as well as the proportion that it supposes over the total of committed and acquired material".


The Health Minister, Salvador Illa, is also asked if he considers that the Government has kept its word when it said in a session in the Senate that the important thing was to bring "quality material to Spain and at a good price" during the pandemic, or when he said that it was better to govern the present than to predict the past, bearing in mind that Spain is among the worst countries in the world in terms of numbers of infected or deceased by the coronavirus.

The thirty requests for data are signed by the Deputy Secretary of the PP Cuca Gamarra, the deputy spokesman of the GPP José Ignacio Echániz and the spokesperson for Health, Elvira Velasco, who also sign the questions to Health along with other popular positions such as the parliamentarians Jaime de Olano, Elvira Rodríguez, Ana Pastor, Rosa Romero, Isabel Borrego, Mario Garcés, Juan Antonio Callejas and Agustín Almodóbar.

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