The parliamentary spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the deputy spokesman for economic affairs, Mario Garcés, affirm that “the Government has irresponsibly waived its obligations to provide necessary resources to the Autonomous Communities, leading them to an unsustainable situation”

The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered today an application addressed to the Ministry of Finance that requires that Department the alleged report of the State Advocacy that, according to the Minister of Finance, prohibits the Government in charge to update deliveries on account and return VAT settlement to the Autonomous Communities.

Álvarez de Toledo and Garcés affirm that “regardless of the content and scope of the report, the release of funds to the Autonomous Communities from the application of the financing model cannot be reduced to a discretionary power of the State, but constitutes a duty for the State of mandatory compliance and a right for the CCAA of direct enforceability. Therefore, it is especially important to know the content of that report. ”

The conduct of the Government of Sánchez implies, in practice, according to popular leaders, "an irresponsible withdrawal of their obligations to provide the Autonomous Communities with necessary resources, leading them to an unsustainable situation." They add that "the paralysis of the Government is causing an alarming entrenchment in the budgets of the Autonomous Communities, which will inevitably end up moving to citizens in each territory."

They have recalled that the deviations in the budget of expenses produced by the approval of certain norms "are destabilizing the forecast of compliance by the State sector of its deficit objective, transferring the problem recklessly through budgetary non-execution to the autonomous communities". Therefore, they have finished pointing out that "their declared inability to meet the objective of budgetary stability, as a result of undisciplined fiscal policies, cannot be passed on to those Administrations that behave diligently and responsibly."

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