It also highlights the contradictions and falsehoods of several ministers, such as Ábalos when he says that the experts who advise Health for de-escalation are well known, when the reality is that the Government keeps them hidden

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a battery of questions to the Government in Congress, including the real reasons why the Ministry of Health has removed from its website a report by COVID-19 of the Alerts Coordination Center two days before 8-M and that warned of the high rate of transmission of the virus in massive events, spreading at distances of up to two meters.

The Group also stresses that said report, dated 48 hours before the 8-M protests, also highlighted the potential contagion of the affected people asymptomatically, warning of the high transmission in events with concentrations of many people.

In addition, given that Minister Illa recently said that the Government has done everything possible to provide health workers with protection measures against the coronavirus, and taking into account that said group is one of the most punished in this regard, the Government if it really plans to take effective measures before the pandemic is overcome.

Likewise, since Minister Ábalos stated in a television interview that the experts who advise the Minister of Health to evaluate the requests presented by the Autonomous Communities to pass the phase in de-escalation are well known, it is wanted to know in which areas it is That is true, given that reality shows that their names remain hidden from public opinion by decision of the Sánchez government.

And regarding contradictions between ministers, it is recalled that Vice President Iglesias has recognized that if one could go back in time and know the extent of the pandemic, we would all have liked to act sooner, while Marlaska has stated that the Government You have no reason to regret anything.


Another initiative of the GPP refers to statements by the director general of the Foundation Institute for the Development and Integration of Health (IDIS), Marta Villanueva, also in defense of the work carried out by private health workers. For this reason, the Government is asked if it plans at any time to promote useful measures to ‘avoid health surnames’ and make it possible for collaboration between public and private to not be reduced to crises and epidemics like the current one.

The battery of questions has been signed by the Deputy Secretaries of the PP Cuca Gamarra, Elvira Rodríguez and Jaime de Olano, the one attached to the General Secretariat of the GPP, Isabel Borrego, the deputy spokespersons José Ignacio Echániz, Sandra Moneo and Mario Garcés, the spokesperson for Health, Elvira Velasco, the second vice-president of the Congress Ana Pastor and the deputies Rosa Romero, Juan Antonio Callejas and Agustín Almodóbar.

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