Question the Executive if he is going to direct the persecution of bots against himself

-The Popular Parliamentary Group requires the Government with a battery of questions to explain the thousands of clearly false profile interactions detected in different publications of the Ministry of Health on Facebook.

As an example, the GPP highlights the video uploaded on April 18 at 9:11 p.m., which has more than 25,000 reactions. By clicking to find out the identity of the profiles that react, it is verified that the vast majority are false: they were created on April 17, they have foreign names and they have no activity.

Given this use of false profiles on social networks by a Government Ministry, the GPP asks the following questions to the Executive:

– Has the Government launched a campaign to strengthen its profiles in the RRSS?

– How is it possible that an official government account can have such amount of support from fake profiles or bots?

– Has this government analyzed these false profiles or bots?

– Is it the Ministries staff who created those bots?

– If yes, who gave you the instruction to carry out this type of task?

– If not, has the Government contracted a third-party service to purchase false profiles to enhance its publications on social networks?

– What type of administrative file has been able to follow the processing of a purchase of these characteristics? How much expense has been derived from those contracts? Can the Government provide a copy of said file?

– What amount does the Government spend on the general management of the Social Networks of the Presidency of the Government, the different ministerial departments, and all the public bodies that make up the General State Administration?

– With which companies has the Government contracted this management? Who decides those hires? With what criteria?

– Does the Government believe that this campaign of using false profiles on Social Networks can also try to minimize the climate contrary to its management of COVID-19?

– Will the Government direct against itself the actions of denunciation and persecution of bots, and other manipulations in Social Networks, which it is directing against publications critical of the Government's management?

– Are you going to give the General Inspection and / or the Prosecutor's Office the hiring of the service to create these false profiles in case they could constitute a crime of embezzlement of public funds?

The parliamentary initiatives presented are signed by the PP deputy secretaries, Pablo Montesinos and Cuca Gamarra, the deputy spokespersons Pilar Marcos, Mario Garcés, Carlos Rojas, and the deputies Juan Luis Pedreño, Víctor Píriz, Ana Belén Vázquez, Edurne Uriarte, Jesús Postigo, Diego Gago, Beatriz Fanjul and César Sánchez.

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