Said plan contemplates promoting home care with multidisciplinary teams and technologies that allow delocalized care, among other measures

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposal not of Law in Congress by which it urges the Government to elaborate within a maximum period of 15 days a Development Plan for Telemedicine and other Digital Services in rural areas and in depopulated Spain.

The initiative, signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the PP deputy secretary, Cuca Gamarra, the GPP general secretary, Guillermo Mariscal, the deputy spokesperson José Ignacio Echániz, and the deputies Carmen Navarro, Tomás Cabezón and Alberto Herrero highlights in his explanatory statement the importance of "providing all residents in rural areas and in unpopulated Spain with the same services that those who live in urban settings can enjoy".

Thus, the popular remember that telemedicine favors communication and collaborative work between health professionals, regardless of their geographical location and allows the incorporation of family members who do not live with the patient in the remote assistance model.

To achieve this objective, they demand to technologically reinforce the comprehensive assistance of residents in rural areas and, especially, of the elderly and dependents by providing resources and technology to residential centers for their telematic coordination, or the promotion of assistance to domicile with multidisciplinary teams and technologies that allow delocalized care, among other measures.

They also propose promoting the accessibility of residents in rural areas, especially the elderly, to ICT training and the applications of the digital world in a National Strategy against loneliness, guaranteeing these groups access to training and learning in digital technologies. , as well as aid for the acquisition of equipment and computer programs and / or provision of connectivity service.

Likewise, the popular ones are committed to promoting Spanish technology companies, through financial and tax aid, so that they produce robotic devices, drones, programs and digital systems that help elderly and dependent people in their basic daily tasks and in their attention to home.

Another important aspect of the Plan is to guarantee the supply to residents in depopulated Spain, especially the elderly and dependents, of the products and services they require, so the initiative is committed to strengthening the postal delivery service at home. in this sense, in order to support the economic activities of electronic commerce and / or the supply of basic products.

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