José Ignacio Echániz en las Jornadas

The Popular Parliamentary Group has submitted a letter to the Bureau of Congress so that the Monitoring and Evaluation Commission of the Toledo Pact Agreements is immediately created in the Lower House, an initiative that according to the GPP deputy spokesman, José Ignacio Echániz, demonstrates the "strong commitment of the Popular Party to the maintenance and improvement of the pensions of our elders."

The petition to the Chamber of the Chamber, signed by the spokeswoman of the GPP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, states that the purpose of the constitution of this Commission is to continue soon with the work developed in the XII legislature “so that, on the basis of debate and consensus, proceed to the renewal of the recommendations of the Toledo Pact or, where appropriate, to the approval of new ones ”.

The paper emphasizes that the importance of our pension system is such that in 1995 all political parties signed the most important social pact of our democracy: the Toledo Pact. It agreed that pensions were outside the political confrontation and that the measures would be adopted by consensus within the Commission of said Covenant.

After remembering that the President of the Government already voted for the freezing of pensions in 2010, the GPP denounces that Sanchez himself again freezes the salaries of our elders until he is politically interested again, “breaking his own electoral promises and contravening the Covenant of Toledo. " In Echániz's opinion, "it is intolerable that pensions are used for partisan and electoral purposes as the Government is doing, snubbing and using all pensioners hostage."

For all these reasons, the PP demands that the Toledo Pact Commission be established immediately, so that its recommendations mark the future of the Government's action on Social Security.

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