The GPP's deputy spokesperson affirms that "the censorship" of which Pablo Casado's intervention this Saturday in the Newscast was the object of "constitutes a serious abuse"

The GPP deputy spokeswoman, Macarena Montesinos, has demanded this Sunday to the sole Administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, to immediately stop the campaign of bad practices that is being followed against the PP in the public chain and to stop its promoters, in the face of repeated episodes of manipulation in the disseminated information related to the coronavirus.

Montesinos stressed that "it is essential that the campaign of attacks against the PP cease immediately and that the head of RTVE stops justifying, protecting and allowing the director of Information and News of RTVE, Enric Hernández, the editor of Nacional de Weekend, Susana Torres, and the director of Daily Programs, Mónica Agudo, continue to use the worst journalistic practices to try to favor the Government and disqualify the opposition. ”

"To the string of manipulations and disinformations promoted by the Corporation in relation to the coronavirus and, more specifically, on the health resources of the Community of Madrid to fight the pandemic", new examples are added in recent days, such as when Last Thursday, March 12, RTVE offered an interview with Guillem del Barrio, from Unidas Podemos, to "attack" the Madrid government, under the guise of a nurse.

Another example of "this absence of responsibility, rigor and objective information" for which the GPP already requested this Thursday the urgent appearance of Rosa María Mateo in the Congress of Deputies, is "the serious abuse" that has meant that the intervention carried out yesterday Saturday by the PP president, Pablo Casado, at the Genoa national headquarters "was censored in the Newscast."

"This latest episode fills the constant attacks launched against the PP from a corporation that is public," Montesinos recalled, "and which do not correspond at all to the loyalty and collaboration shown at all times by the Popular Party towards the Government in combat. against this pandemic. "

A final example of this campaign of manipulation in the current health crisis is that hours after reporting the positive for coronavirus of Begoña Gómez, wife of the Prime Minister, illustrating this information with a photograph that could be seen at the head of the 8-M demonstration, together with the vice-presidents Carmen Calvo and Nadia Calviño, RTVE resolved to remove the photograph from its website to opt for another snapshot that had nothing to do with their attendance at the 8-M demonstration.

For all the above, Montesinos has urged RTVE "to give truthful, public service information to citizens in a state of alarm."

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