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The PP states in its petition that it made statements using the Moncloa press conference room

He also wants me to explain what actions he has carried out in defense of judicial independence and freedom of information.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has demanded the convening of an extraordinary session of the Democratic Quality Commission of Congress for the urgent appearance of Pablo Iglesias in relation to the so-called Dina case, after the parties of the Government coalition (Unidas Podemos and PSOE) They vetoed this possibility using their majority in the Table of Congress, alleging that it is a private matter of the Vice President that does not affect his current position. Against, in the reformulation of the request for appearance made by the GPP for debate in the Permanent Deputation of the Chamber, the letter signed by the parliamentary spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, argues that Iglesias must account for the public statements made "In the exercise of his functions from the headquarters of the Presidency of the Government", on July 7, in relation to said Dina case, which affects his position in the Executive. In any case, the GPP also demands by ordinary means that the second vice-president of the Government appear in the Commission of Justice of the Lower House, within his public sphere, “to explain the actions carried out in the exercise of his office, in particularly those aimed at preserving constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights and the right to freely communicate and receive truthful information, as well as respect for judicial independence. ”

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