The Popular Group has demanded the resignation of the Single Administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, for her disastrous management at the head of the Corporation and in coherence with her commitment to renounce said responsibility when a new Government was constituted after the holding of elections.

In the initiatives registered in the Congress by the attached spokesmen Macarena Montesinos and Pilar Marcos and the deputies Tomás Cabezón, Tristana María Moraleja, Carmen Riolobos and María de los Llanos de Luna, the GPP is interested in itself, once the new Government is constituted, “Will the Single Administrator of RTVE be consistent and will present his immediate resignation, as he announced in his last appearance at parliamentary headquarters, on February 28, 2019, when he said:“ At the time the elections are held, And if there is a government, will I submit my immediate resignation? ”

The Popular Group notes that its resignation would also be fully justified by "the disastrous period" that has characterized RTVE "under the most arbitrary direction of the Sole Administrator." “His hallmarks have been the dramatic loss of audience, especially in the News, which have fallen to the last position; the breakdown of the budget balance; the manipulation; sectarianism, and lack of respect for legality, ”he denounces.

It also indicates that “the worst and most recent example” of this disastrous stage has been the intolerable interview issued this week in RNE to the Spanish citizen Quim Torra saying that he is president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, when disabled. RTVE labeled the interview with "the false treatment" of Catalan President. "All this is ample matter to demand the resignation of Rosa María Mateo," concludes the deputy.

They also accuse RTVE of trying to cover the severe reproach made by the CGPJ to the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, for his attacks on Justice in the News on January 15. The public network postponed the issuance of this information at minute 18 of the evening news and lowered its severity with an intolerable impudence.

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