• This sector is one of the major sectors affected by the coronavirus crisis, as national and international demand is completely paralyzed

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposal not of Law in the Congress by which it urges the Government to approve urgently aid for the sector of the ornamental plant and cut flower in Spain, the great affected within the agricultural sector by the crisis of the coronavirus.

The popular remember in the initiative that the activity of the farms and cooperatives in the sector has a marked seasonality, and that it is about products
very perishable, so there is no option to store or rearrange the offer. Likewise, the impact of COVID-19 has been drastic and immediate, since demand at the national and international levels has been totally paralyzed.

That is why the initiative – signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the deputy spokesperson, Marta González, and the agriculture spokesperson, Milagros Marcos – urges the Executive to urgently approve the necessary aid to compensate the losses and expenses of removal and destruction of flowers, ornamental plants and crops, starting from the Government a specific fund with de minimis aid.

In addition, it proposes to demand from the European Commission exceptional and urgent rescue measures for the floriculture and ornamental plants sector, and consider its
situation as comparable to cases in which the force majeure derives from natural catastrophes.

Finally, it asks to exploit possible avenues of help through the participation of the Insurance Compensation Consortium, and to authorize the sale of flowers and plants in garden centers and food chains as the economy reopens.

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