• They have also submitted a new brief to the Senate Table requesting a formal response to their repeated requests to hold the Commission without further excuses or delay

The Popular Parliamentary Group today registered a question to the sole administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, to find out the details of the meeting held by it on May 6, 2020 with the so-called DG7 group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) , together with those responsible for other European public televisions, which the RTVE website itself has echoed by publishing a press release.

The deputies who subscribe to it – the GPP deputy spokesperson, Macarena Montesinos, the RTVE spokesperson, Eduardo Carazo, and the deputies members of said commission, Tomás Cabezón, Tristana Moraleja, Carmen Riolobos and Andrés Lorite – recall that the same RTVE Administrator has informed the Senate of the impossibility of appearing in person at the Joint Parliamentary Control Commission scheduled for a few days ago for being part of a group
risk regarding the coronavirus.

"It is a scandal that the administrator attends other meetings and does not go to Parliament," denounces Eduardo Carazo. For this reason, the popular parliamentarians ask if Rosa María Mateo has already left the risk group in which she was and that motivated her non-appearance in the Commission, and they also want to know if she participated in the meeting of the EBU previously indicated by electronic means from RTVE facilities in Prado del Rey.

In addition, they want to clarify whether the sole administrator plans to regularly go to his office in Prado del Rey from now on to attend
In person, your obligations and responsibilities, and if you are going to direct or coordinate the “dynamic and slow” de-escalation plan that you mentioned in your meeting with the EBU.

On the other hand, the GPP has presented a new brief addressed to the Senate Table asking for the formal response to its repeated requests to be able to hold the Mixed Control Commission on RTVE without further excuses or delays.

The popular ones consider that there is a regulatory gap by which the sole Administrator of RTVE is evading his appearance in Parliament. If there is one
Regulatory gap, the Popular Group believes that at this point it must be acquiring oceanic proportions and that it must be resolved immediately so as not to lengthen what is a new and serious anomaly around RTVE. "And if it is not a regulatory problem, we will be facing a blatant abandonment of the responsibilities of Rosa María Mateo that it is not possible to accept," they assure.

"If, finally, the only way open for this purpose is to go to court," warns the PP, "we will certainly do it. We are talking about a democratic right
to the control over an audiovisual public service that is being impeded by an exclusive partisan interest and the fear of receiving a severe reproach for the submission of RTVE to government propaganda, "concludes Macarena Montesinos.

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