Ask the Government what became of the commitment to reach the 275 million authorized by the European Union

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented several initiatives in Congress in which it denounces that the Ministry of Industry has made the last call to offset the indirect costs of CO2 in the Spanish industry, reducing the 172 million in 2019 to six million, so he asks to the Government what was the commitment to reach the 275 million that the European Union allows.

The initiative, signed by the secretary general of the Popular Group, Guillermo Mariscal and the deputy Paloma Gázquez, insists that the Industry Department of the Sánchez Government has formalized the call to offset these indirect costs of CO2 in the Industry, and that their amount It is limited to six million euros compared to 172 million for the past year.

Therefore, the following questions are asked to the Government:

-Do you consider that six million euros is sufficient to offset the aforementioned indirect costs to the Spanish industry?

-What became of the commitment of 275 million euros, thus reaching the limit of what is authorized by the European Union?

-Will the budget heading be extended this year up to that cap of 275 million euros?

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