• Public television used images of Pablo Casado and the initials of the PP during a report of protests and unrest in the hospitality industry

The Popular Parliamentary Group today registered several initiatives in Congress to find out the reasons why, the same day that TVE ignored a press conference by the secretary general of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, after the meeting of the Parliamentary Groups of the PP, public television illustrated a story about the difficulties of the hoteliers to reopen their businesses in the de-escalation with images in which they were very appreciable, next to the main bar terrace, posters with the initials of the PP and the face of their President, Pablo Casado.

The deputies who subscribe to the questions – the GPP deputy spokesperson Macarena Montesinos, the spokesperson for the RTVE Control Commission, Eduardo Carazo, and the deputies members of said Commission Tomás Cabezón, Tristana Moraleja, Carmen Riolobos and Andrés Lorite – consider that they do For a long time they no longer believe in coincidences or involuntary mistakes in the case of RTVE.

"There is a deliberate and reiterative intention to link the PP with the worst information face. The sectarianism that invades RTVE, with Rosa María Mateo in charge, already accumulates a long list of cases in which its submission to the Government and the mistreatment of the PP is revealed, ”they denounce. Likewise, they want to know the reason why TVE did not offer the press conference of the PP general secretary, on May 18, at 12:45 pm, and what informational appointments TVE considered most relevant for its broadcast.

For the GPP, RTVE has long abandoned any subtlety in its deformation and manipulation of news and reality to enter fully into the terrain of indecency and the most unacceptable information brazenness.

The deputies insist that "chance does not exist". "One day is the portrait of Fidel Castro (talking about domestic workers), another that of Ché Guevara (therapy for children with dogs), and in a scandalous and daily way a sequence of" health "testimonies linked to Podemos that breaks any calculation of probabilities or coincidences.

Finally, popular parliamentarians recall that throughout the state of alarm, RTVE has shown that it is not a means for everyone, as propaganda proclaims, but a tool only for the government of Pedro Sánchez and his partners, who use it to his craving scaring anyone who wants to inform himself with some objectivity and pluralism.

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