Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo atiende a los medios de comunicación

The Popular Parliamentary Group on Wednesday registered in Congress a battery of questions to the sole Administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, to report the interview to Quim Torra, disabled as president of the Generalitat. It claims to know if the Public Corporation plans to “carry out more interviews with disabled, convicted or fugitives related to the separatist process of Catalonia” after the one carried out today.

The GPP spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, today referred to the interview with Torra in statements to the media after the Board of Spokespersons. Thus, he has considered "intolerable" for RNE to interview him and give "coverage as if he were president of the Generalitat when he is no longer". In addition, he has criticized that it was later broadcast on TVE's 24-hour channel with a sign of Torra as president of the Generalitat of Catalonia. "A public medium paid by all Spaniards and representing all Spaniards should comply with the law," he added.

In the battery of questions, also signed by deputy spokesmen Macarena Montesinos and Mario Garcés, and deputies Tomás Cabezón, María de los Llanos de Luna, Tristana Moraleja and Carmen Riolobos, the GPP refers to Torra as “Spanish citizen Quim Torra” and interrogates Rosa María Mateo about whether she considers that a public medium should conduct interviews with disabled people; about who decided to do the one of Torra, and if it was by orders of the Government.

The sole administrator is also asked what journalistic criteria have been followed in said interview; what dissemination has been given in RTVE; if the Corporation Style Manual has been respected, and if the Information Councils have been previously consulted.

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