• "Without the practical exams, the practical classes of driving schools will not be reactivated, which can cause the ruin of the sector and the loss of thousands of jobs"

The Popular Parliamentary Group has managed to produce the appearance of the Director General of Traffic, Pere Navarro, on June 2 at the Road Safety Commission of the Congress of Deputies, to explain the criteria that Traffic will adopt in the resumption of the public service driving tests both theoretical and practical, after the confinement caused by the coronavirus.

The Popular Group requested his appearance on April 22 in the face of the uncertainty experienced by the more than 9,000 driving schools that make up the road training sector in Spain. The opening of the driving schools with the appropriate distancing, hygiene and protection measures will take place at the beginning of Phase II, according to the indicative provision for the lifting of national limitations established in the de-escalation phases set by the Government.

The Popular Parliamentary Group defends that, from the moment the driving schools open, the public service of driving tests is resumed, since the return to normality in the sector requires the DGT to immediately resume the aptitude tests practices.

"Without the practical exams, the preparatory practical classes, which are the essential activity of driving schools, will not be reactivated in driver's schools, which would cause the ruin of the sector and the loss of thousands of jobs," they assure.

In this line, the Popular Group last week asked the Government, through a Proposition not of Law, the resumption of the public service of traffic tests and its non-suspension on any working day of the year 2020, insisting on the need for a protocol of health and safety both for the training activity of driving schools and in the conduct of exams.

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