Diego Movellán se reúne con el sector taurino

The PP urges the Ministries of Labor and Culture to urgently approve extraordinary aid to bullfighting professionals July 22, 2020

A delegation of the Popular Parliamentary Group met today in Congress with another of bullfighting representatives, given the serious situation that the sector of bullfighting professionals and artists is going through and in support of their demands in the face of discrimination suffered in the distribution of compensation for the break suffered by the state of alarm due to the coronavirus.

The meeting of the GPP with the Toro de Lidia Foundation and representatives of bullfighting professionals took place in congressional offices after the second day of demonstration of the sector before the Ministry of Labor, before what they consider unjust denial of extraordinary benefits due to the pandemic.

In this meeting, the Popular Group has decided to articulate a Proposition not of Law, and other parliamentary initiatives, in support of the sector and to urge the Ministries of Labor and Culture to urgently approve extraordinary benefits also for bullfighting professionals, in a way that they can have access to them immediately.

The GPP was attended by the spokespersons for Employment, Diego Movellán, and Culture, Sol Cruz-Guzmán, and the deputies Carolina España, María José García-Pelayo, Edurne Uriarte and Eduardo Carazo.

As for the delegation of bullfighting professionals, it was headed by rancher Victorino Martín García, president of the Fundación del Toro de Lidia, along with, among others, David Prados Martín, picador and president of the Union of Spanish Picadores and Banderilleros (UNPBE ); the banderilleros Francisco Javier Gómez Pascual and Carlos Hombrados García; Daniel López Candel, picador; and Borja Cardelús Carnicero, general director of the Fundación del Toro de Lidia.

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