It proposes to streamline aid from the FEMP funds, offset the loss of income by fleet segments for which they have guaranteed the supply of the population and support measures for aquaculture

– The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered a Proposal not of Law in Congress by which it again demands from the Government the implementation of an Urgent Plan with measures to support the sea-industry sector as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis and in the absence of responses to the demands of the sector and the Popular Party.

Specifically, the measures proposed by the GPP for said Plan -complementary to those already approved by the Plenary of the Eurochamber and the European Council-, contemplate "expediting and facilitating the procedures for obtaining the aid provided for in the recent European agreements related to European Maritime and Fisheries Fund FEMP, especially in the efforts made by the Ministry of Finance with the authorization of aid for confinement ”.

It also proposes “to enable mechanisms to help and compensate for loss of income, in a singular way by fleet segments for those who have continued to work with the objective of guaranteeing supply to the population and having practically no income, such as the fleet of Galician surface longline or freezer shellfish trawlers from Huelva, since there is no market to absorb their catches, they are forced to store them frozen, without therefore receiving any remuneration, insufficient for covering their quotas ”.

Another of the measures proposed by the GPP in its initiative consists of “urgently supplying all the protection measures to the crews such as tests, gloves and masks, officially authorizing the companies or those responsible for the vessels to purchase them when the Government does not I can send them to you. "

The Proposition also requires the Government “to facilitate, in collaboration with the fishing companies, all the steps to be able to carry out the pertinent relays of the crews that are in distant waters, especially while operating in the waters of third countries or on the high seas, and that, as of today, they are having enormous difficulties, as the borders of third countries are closed, the entry and exit of foreigners is prohibited and flights and other means of transportation are canceled. ”

Likewise, it calls for institutional campaigns from the Government highlighting the work of our fishermen, despite the fact that, to the usual risks, those of their health are now added, and also highlighting the nutritional and quality properties of the fishery and aquaculture products of Spain.

Eliminate requirements to receive subsidies

In addition, the Urgent Plan of support measures for the sector proposed by the GPP foresees “introducing the necessary mechanisms and regulatory changes so that aquaculture can also properly use FEMP funds, with measures such as eliminating the commitment to create jobs for the collection of subsidies, something very difficult to fulfill while the effects of this pandemic last, in the search for new sources of additional financing to the FEMP, considering the possible participation of guarantee companies ”.

In the explanatory memorandum, the GPP underlines that thanks to the conversations it has been holding with the representatives of the sea-industry and aquaculture sectors throughout Spain, the Popular Party has presented proposals and initiatives to the Government of the nation and at the European level , case of "the three Proposals not of Law presented last March in the Congress of Deputies or the initiatives before the Fisheries Commission and the Plenary Session of the European Parliament".

These latest initiatives, recalls the Proposition, "have led to the different packages of measures approved at European level in support of these sectors seeing the initial proposals greatly improved" in the plenary session of the Eurochamber on April 16 and 17. However, "this European effort is not being accompanied in the case of Spain, where the Government does not meet any of the demands of the sector," many of which were already raised by the GPP in the Congress of Deputies.

The initiative, signed by the popular spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the deputy spokesperson Marta González, the GPP's spokesperson for Fisheries, Joaquín García, and the deputy spokesperson for Fisheries Pilar Ramallo, also recalls “the campaign to promote and encourage the consumption of seafood that the Xunta de Galicia has put into circulation for weeks, and that we have also asked the Government of Spain, without this urgent measure having been collected to date, with the exception of the modest campaign promoted by the MAP in Food of Spain that for now is going unnoticed ”.

Battery of questions

In addition, the GPP has presented a battery of questions to the Executive, claiming to know, among other things, “what specific measures it is studying to help alleviate the COVID-19 crisis in aquaculture, and whether the Government plans to study some flexibility mechanisms necessary in the current transport regulations to facilitate the mobility of sea workers, from their homes to fishing vessels and from these to their homes, increasing if necessary preventive measures in these means of transport. "

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