The deputy spokesman of the GPP Carlos Rojas, along with the rest of Andalusian deputies of the Popular Group and the vice-secretary of Participation of the PP, Jaime de Olano, have presented a battery of questions to the Government for their written response on the case of the socialist ERE before the lack of assumption of political responsibilities by Pedro Sánchez and the ministers who were advisors to the Junta de Andalucía during the stage in which he operated the largest corruption plot in Europe.

On the one hand, the Government is questioned if Pedro Sánchez "is going to assume his political responsibilities as the maximum person in charge of the PSOE", and if he "intends" any appearance to give explanations. The GPP also needs to know if the three Sánchez ministers who were advisors to the Board will be responsible: Luis Planas, María Jesús Montero and Carmen Calvo.

To these questions are added those presented by the vice secretary of the PP Jaime de Olano, so that the Executive details in writing in how many meetings of the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía in which credits related to ERE fraud were approved or forgiven each one of the ministers mentioned participated, as well as the total amount of said operations.

The PP also intends to clarify whether the acting Minister of Finance knew of the existence of three safes in the offices of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia, and if she was aware of the existence of agreements and / or contracts related to the ERE found in these safes.

The deputies who have subscribed the battery of questions are all of the Andalusian constituencies: Miguel Ángel Castellón, Juan José Matarí, María José García-Pelayo, José Ortiz, Andrés Lorite, María de la O Redondo, Pablo Hispán, Carlos Rojas, Carmelo Romero, Juan Diego Requena, Pablo Montesinos, Carolina Spain, Mario Cortés, Teresa Jiménez-Becerril and María Soledad Cruz-Guzmán.

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