The Organic Law of Electoral Regime (LOREG) is modified to declare those who are subtracted from the action of the Spanish Justice ineligible

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposal of Organic Law in Congress so that those declared rebellious for having withdrawn from the action of the Spanish Justice are declared ineligible and cannot attend an election.

This initiative was announced at the last National Board of Directors by the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, who explained that it is a modification of the Electoral Law so that fugitives from Justice cannot be eligible, and thus prevent Puigdemont from appearing to the Catalan elections.

Specifically, the Proposal of Law, signed by the GPP spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, proposes the modification of the LOREG through a new section added to article 6.2 on ineligibility. Thus, it includes those who are declared rebellious in the terms provided by the Criminal Procedure Act while they remain in such condition. The reform also contains a Transitional Provision to declare ineligible also those who are already declared in a situation of rebellion upon the entry into force of the legal modification.

As stated in the explanatory statement of the initiative, this change has its origin in that a series of people allegedly involved in the commission of crimes against the Public Administration and the constitutional order itself, and that have been subtracted from the action of Justice Spanish, they intend to represent the Spanish people in various institutions at the same time, which implies a contradiction with the letter and spirit of the Magna Carta.

The GPP considers that “it cannot aspire to the representative function, within a power of the Spanish people through the Constitution, who subtracts from the Rule of Law that it configures, pretending to prevent the submission of public powers to the Magna Carta and the rest of the system ”.

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