• It also claims that the suitability report prepared by the CGPJ on the candidate for the Attorney General's Office has to be approved by a two-thirds majority of the full Congress

The Popular Parliamentary Group has submitted a Proposal for a Law to modify Law 50/1981, of December 30, which regulates the Organic Statute of the Fiscal Ministry, so that no political or trusted office can be the State Attorney General in within four years after leaving office.

This would affect political or trust positions under Royal Decree, Autonomous Decree or Local Entity Plenary Agreement, or elected to representative public office in the European Parliament, Congress of Deputies, Senate, Legislative Assemblies of the Autonomous Communities, Boards Generals of the Historical Territories or Local Corporations, as well as those who have held an organic position in a political party in the same period.

It is also proposed that the suitability report prepared by the General Council of the Judiciary on the candidate for the Attorney General's Office must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the members of the plenary of the Congress of Deputies, which is currently not necessary .

In addition, the Popular Group proposes that the term of office of the Attorney General of the State should last four years and before the end of said term, it may only cease its position at its own request, for incurring any of the incompatibilities or prohibitions established in this law, in case of illness that disables it for the performance of the position, for serious or repeated breach of its functions or when the Government that had proposed it ceases.

In this way, the GPP intends to reinforce the constitutional values ​​that sustain the Institution, claiming its full validity and effectiveness, since in Spanish society there is a perception of weakening of the principle of separation of powers and complaints and claims of citizenship occur for what they consider attacks on judicial independence.

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