Proponemos que el libro sea un bien de primera necesidad y la apertura de librerías con un sistema de encargo y recogida

• It would be regulated by appointment via online or telephone and guaranteeing sanitary measures

The Popular Parliamentary Group has demanded the Government, with a Proposal not of Law in Congress, to declare the book as a good of first necessity and the opening of bookstores with a system of order and collection, and with the adequate sanitary guarantees established by the Government.

Specifically, the GPP urges the Executive “to consider the book as a 'good of first necessity', developing, in response to this qualification, the mechanisms that allow the opening of bookstores, with adequate sanitary guarantees, to allow sale both during the confinement caused by COVID-19 as during the gradual recovery of activity ”.

In the explanatory memorandum for this initiative, the Popular Group points out that the condition for bookstores to serve customers is limited to a mechanism of prior appointment and access control (order and collection system). Specifically, it is indicated that “proceeding to the opening of bookstores, with access control and prior appointment (online / telephone), could cover at the same time both the necessary health guarantees and the public need for entertainment or training that the book provides "

The GPP recalls that "the business structure of the book sector is made up of 70% of SMEs and micro-SMEs, which are currently in danger of survival due to the health crisis." "A risk that will have consequences in terms of economy and employment," he warns, "and also in the cultural field, since these companies constitute a true ecosystem that enriches and guarantees the plurality and cultural and linguistic diversity of the country."

In the explanatory memorandum signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the attached spokeswoman Marta González, the GPP spokesperson for Culture, Soledad Cruz Guzmán, and the deputy Eduardo Carazo, the GPP underlines that “the book sector, publishers, booksellers , Distributors and authors represent an activity of more than 3,000 million euros a year, to which must be added another 3,000 million euros that invoice the 219 subsidiaries that publishers have around the world. " "This means just over 6,000 million euros, 8% of GDP and more than 100,000 jobs," he adds.

"It should be noted", stresses the PP, "that it is not only the most important cultural industry, with 900 publishing companies, 3,260 bookstores, 100 distribution companies and 8,000 points of sale through kiosks, but it always represents a contribution positive to both the trade balance and the services balance ”.

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