The GPP has presented a proposal in Congress in order to guarantee the independence of the EFE Agency, in which it proposes a reform so that its president needs, to be appointed, a vote in which he achieves a reinforced majority of the Congress.

The proposal of the PP for its debate in plenary urges the Government, in the first place, to promote a legal reform that guarantees that the candidate for the Presidency of the News Agency EFE is submitted to prior public appearance in Congress for the purpose of assessing its merits and suitability.

It also stipulates that after this public appearance, the candidacy for president of EFE "will be put to the vote and must obtain the support of a reinforced majority of the Congress of Deputies."

In the explanatory statement of the Proposal no of Law, signed by the spokeswoman of the GPP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the attached spokesmen Pilar Marcos and Macarena Montesinos, it is pointed out that the most effective formula to guarantee the independence and neutrality of the charges Publics that are appointed to the front of institutions of special relevance consist in submitting their election to a previous appearance in the Congress, in which their merits and suitability are evaluated. After that appearance, that election is only guaranteed if it obtains the support of a reinforced majority of the Chamber.

The initiative recalls that "the surprise cessation" of the president of EFE, Fernando Garea, "after an unusually brief mandate for what has been tradition in the Agency", together with his farewell statements in which he highlighted that a public news agency It is not a government news agency, "they reaffirm the need to guarantee the independence, stability and impartiality of this public appointment position."

It is also underlined that in January 2019, shortly before the dissolution of the Chambers, the Congress Groups have already begun work to promote a reform that would guarantee that this election was by broad parliamentary agreement, with the support of a qualified majority in Congress .

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