• Also to provide all operators with the necessary instruments to guarantee free movement while respecting safety regulations.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposal not of Law in the Congress in which it proposes more measures for the reactivation of the Spanish Tourism against the impact of the coronavirus, among others the one of "establishing safe tourist corridors between countries with similar epidemiological situations working
together with the EU, paying special attention to tourism markets that are especially important for Spain ”.

In addition, the Government is urged to "eliminate the quarantine period imposed on all people arriving from abroad to Spain" through the Health Order of May 11.

It also proposes that "instruments be provided to all operators that are necessary to guarantee free movement between countries within security parameters."

In the explanatory memorandum of the Popular Group initiative, it is highlighted that the Sánchez Government, contrary to what the countries around us and our competitors are doing, has taken measures that will only “scare away tourism”, such as imposing quarantine on those who visit our country, in addition to the continuous "rectifications, improvisations or words of contempt for tourism by members of the Executive", which take measures ignoring the representatives of the sector.

For this reason, he adds that government support for tourism is essential and the Government must change its attitude and bet on an ambitious strategy in accordance with what Spain represents as a tourist destination in the world, with measures that contribute to recovering the course while health recommendations are maintained and a commitment is made to safe and healthy destinations and environments.


The Proposition also stresses that it is necessary to reactivate travel safely, by standardizing protocols that guarantee the hygiene of facilities and, above all, the health and confidence of tourists to travel again.

"It is vitally important to unify efforts between the public and private sectors, to take joint actions that benefit this industry, which in Spain employs more than three million people and represents more than 15 percent of national GDP," concludes the initiative signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, along with the PP's general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, the GPP's general secretary, Guillermo Mariscal, the Deputy to the Group's General Secretariat, Isabel Borrego, and the spokesperson for Tourism, Agustín Almodóbar.

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