The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a battery of questions to the Government to find out, among other issues, whether it is proposed that reliable diagnostic tests of the Coronavirus be made for the entire population.

The objective of such tests would be, according to the GPP, both to progress "in the diagnosis and treatment of patients and to increase the existing knowledge about the pandemic to improve decision-making" in the face of the Coronavirus crisis. If so, the PP wants to know the actual deadlines for carrying out the diagnostic tests, and otherwise asks the Executive for the reasons for not doing them to the entire population.

In addition, among the 44 new initiatives of the GPP on the Coronavirus, which total 635 since January, includes the request to appear in the Congress of the
Ministers of Health, Salvador Illa; Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya; and of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to continue with the parliamentary follow-up of the efforts of said ministers during the Coronavirus crisis.

Likewise, new requests for data and documents have been submitted to the Government, including those related to preventive measures adopted by the Civil Guard, the National Police and prison officials.

Written questions

In the new battery of questions, the GPP addresses the Government to find out the repercussion of the Coronavirus crisis in the assessment tests of the students in the different educational stages, in the next call for scholarships and grants, as well as in the return of the students to class.

The Government is also asked why it continues to trust the company from which it purchased 640,000 defective rapid diagnostic tests, for which reason the Ministry of Transport has only received a total of 1.2 million masks out of the 13 million units purchased, for the drastic change in criteria within the Government in relation to the closure of non-essential works, in case it intends to meet the demand to improve the protection of workers and residents in social and health centers and in case it has planned the procedure that it will continue to make effective the transfer of patients affected by coronavirus between communities if necessary.

In addition, the GPP asks the Government several questions about the deviation of the deficit in 2019, so it wants to know “at what point did the Government know that the deficit was going to deviate with respect to those objectives, what is the reason for produced that increase in the deficit of more than 17,000 million with respect to the initial objective and more than 8,000 with respect to that included in the 2020 Budget Plan ”.

Likewise, the GPP asks the Government “what is the economic cost of the electoral measures approved in the months prior to the elections and their impact on this
deviation of the deficit ”.

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