• Requires that the deceased be considered ‘deceased in the act of service’, to expedite the benefits for families

The Popular Parliamentary Group has demanded that the Government honor Police, Civil Guard and Prison officials who have been sick or died in their fight against the Coronavirus, in recognition of their work on the front line against the pandemic.

Specifically, it is proposed that the Government proceed, by the Ministry of the Interior, to award decorations with the Cross with a Red badge for the Civil Guard and National Police officers who died as a result of COVID-19, and the Gold Medal for Penitentiary Merit for deceased Prison Officials.

Likewise, the GPP urges the Executive to award the Cross with a White badge to the Civil Guard and National Police officers who are ill with COVID-19 as a consequence of the service, and with the Bronze Medal of Penitentiary Merit to the officials of Sick prisons.

In addition, the initiative requires that “all Civil Guards, National Police and Prison Officers who died as a consequence of COVID-19” be recognized as deceased on duty, thus streamlining all supplements or benefits that correspond to their families.


Likewise, the GPP underlines the need for the Government to attend to the proposal made by the PP to “approve the payment of the gross salary, without paying taxes, while the coronavirus emergency lasts for all the Civil Guard, National Police and Prison Officials ”.

Said initiative – signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the PP general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, the PP deputy secretary, Antonio González Terol, the deputy to the GPP General Secretariat, Isabel Borrego, the deputy spokesmen Carlos Rojas and Marta González, and the GPP's spokeswoman for the Interior, Ana Vázquez- recalls that since the statement by the State of Alarm, “the different Security Forces and Bodies work together with the health workers and the Armed Forces to stop the expansion of the Coronavirus and thus protect the population ”.

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