Rosa María Mateo must answer if she considers the appointment legitimate, without a Board of Directors or parliamentary control, and given the provisional nature of her position

The Popular Parliamentary Group has questioned the appointment of the new director of information and news of RTVE, Enric Hernández, because it is a decision that responds to purely political interests. In a battery of questions recorded today by the deputy spokeswoman Macarena Montesinos, the GPP asks the only provisional Administrator of RTVE to explain how it justifies the creation of the Information and News Directorate.

In this sense, he asks Rosa María Mateo about whether he considers this appointment legitimate, given the provisional nature of his position, and without the Board of Directors or parliamentary control. And he insists on a separate registered question: "Does the sole Administrator consider that a state public medium such as RTVE may be subject to the exclusive service of the Government and without the control of a Board of Directors and Parliament?"

In addition, Rosa María Mateo should clarify whether in the new RTVE organization chart the newly appointed Director of Information depends on the sole Administrator or the Government. The GPP has also asked for answers about why it has not informed the structural change in this organization chart to its workers, as it is mandatory, and what opinion deserves the disagreements of RTVE unions regarding the appointment.

The GPP denounces that this is another example of the partisan use that Pedro Sánchez makes of the institutions, which is why RTVE is at minimum hearing levels.

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