The trustee of the Popular Parliamentary Group (GPP) Isabel Bonig, has regretted that the Botànic parties come together again to make an “informational blackout” on the unfortunate event that occurred in the City of Justice of Valencia, in which one person died.

Thus, the PP has requested the inclusion in the agenda of the meeting of the Commission of Justice, Government and Local Administration scheduled for next Tuesday, October 29, the request for the appearance of the Minister Gabriela Bravo, to give explanations on the circumstances surrounding the death of a person who tried to be resuscitated with a defibrillator that did not meet the necessary guarantees. A petition that has not come forward because of the rejection of the political groups that sustain the Botànic.

It seems that the Minister “does not want to come to face and again looks for loopholes so as not to have to explain to the Valencians all the circumstances surrounding this sad event. When someone has nothing to hide, he gives explanations, not excuses. ”

Thus, Bonig has indicated that the criminal responsibilities will be determined by the judges, but from the PPCV what we ask for are, “explanations and political responsibilities in the face of a very serious and worrisome fact, which is the same thing that they requested when they were in the opposition”. A request for information not only requested by the PPCV, he recalled, since two professional associations of Justice, ideologically opposed, have asked the Minister to give the relevant information about the event.

In addition, the PP wanted to record in the Board of Sindics the disqualifications launched by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, during the Control Session against the PP's trustee, Isabel Bonig whom she has called “unworthy and miserable"

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