He demands that Sánchez explain where the 200,000 million he promised are to alleviate the economic and social impact of the crisis

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a new battery of initiatives in Congress among which it criticizes that the Executive is approving measures on the Coronavirus without prior dialogue with the parliamentary groups.

Specifically, it asks the Government if "it believes that the adoption of measures of such seriousness as those that are being adopted in the last week by the Government can be imposed without first informing the groups in Congress."

In this regard, the PP also asks the Executive if "it considers that political rights remain intact after the Table of Congress has suspended the deadlines, preventing the effectiveness of political initiatives and the urgent processing of a Bill in essential matters , and if you intend – as has been published – to circumvent and impede the legislative function of Congress, exhausting deadlines for not submitting any of the last Royal Decree Laws approved and, in particular, RDL 10/2020, of 29 of March".

In addition, the GPP calls for the appearance of the Minister of Consumer Affairs in Congress to continue with the parliamentary follow-up on the Coronavirus crisis, from
So explain to the Chamber "the measures put in place from your department" due to the pandemic.

More written questions

In another series of questions, the Popular Group recalls that Sánchez promised to mobilize 200,000 million euros -117,000 of them entirely public- to alleviate the economic and social impact of the crisis, but he has only approved 10%, that is, 20,000 million, that still do not arrive. For this reason, the GPP claims to know "which individuals and legal entities are going to contribute the private 83,000 million euros and whether the 83,000 million euros includes the money that the self-employed and SMEs will no longer receive due to not being able to work for the confinement".

Likewise, it warns of the obvious deviation from the path of the deficit as a result of the Coronavirus crisis and asks about "the detailed non-priority spending items that the Government plans to adjust, as well as the rigor that will be required of the Autonomous Communities, Municipalities and other Local and Provincial Entities ”.

In the economic section, the GPP also interrogates the Executive about the measures to mobilize resources for the ICO, which, to date, have not been specified, neither to financial entities nor to applicants, as well as “the specific and detailed measures of internal and external promotion to reactivate the tourist sector ”.

Similarly, the Popular Group calls on the Government to clarify whether it plans to "monitor the spending of the Autonomous Governments in the hands of nationalist or openly independent political forces to ensure the allocation of funds to the urgent needs of all Spaniards" and, in In any case, know "what measures you are going to take."

Questions are also asked to clarify "the inadmissible obscurantism" in relation to the purchase of the defective rapid tests to find out, among other issues, "when you plan to publish the award of this contract on the State Procurement Platform, as well as what are the causes for which we continue to insist on buying products from said company whose country of origin denies its proven effectiveness ”.

In addition, the GPP once again insists the Executive in carrying out reliable tests on the entire population and claims to know "how many coronavirus tests have been carried out in nursing homes for inmates and professionals throughout Spain."

Finally, in relation to personnel with high exposure due to contagion, such as the FyCSE and the Army, the GPP wants to know "why the Prime Minister considered both to be a superfluous expense and what was the reason that made him change his mind during the pandemic". He also wants to know "why the highest occupational risk specialist of the Police was dismissed after preparing the Action Plan for the prevention and protection of officers, if it has to do with the elaboration in January of an action protocol for police officers ignored by the Government , if the Government has instructed police, civil guards and prison officials to silence possible contagions, with the prohibition not to make them public, as well as why Health has not included police, civil guards, prison officials and firefighters. high risk".

With these 105 new initiatives, the Popular Group has already registered in Congress a total of 733 on the coronavirus among questions, appearances, Proposals of Law and not of Law and requests for reports or documents.

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