"It is scandalous that with the economic results, the hearing, the dismissals and the resignations, the sole Administrator has not yet assumed any responsibility"

The Popular Parliamentary Group has requested through the Permanent Deputation of Congress the convocation of an extraordinary session of the Mixed Control Commission of RTVE in which the sole Administrator of the Corporation, Rosa María Mateo, urgently appears to report the chaos with the recent resignations, resignations and appointments of the last days both in the direction of RNE and in TVE.

“After almost two years of disastrous management of Rosa María Mateo as sole Administrator, with the colossal purge of professionals, the loss of leadership, the complete lack of a project for RTVE and a total dedication to the Sánchez Government, we have known the disastrous results of its economic management that was already anticipated by the Popular Group in the Control Commission of RTVE ”, points out the GPP.

"After two years of surplus reached with the previous President of the Corporation, RTVE changes its trend with a few million dollar losses and without assuming responsibilities. It is scandalous that with the economic results, the audience and the dismissals and resignations, the sole Administrator has not yet assumed any responsibility ”, denounce the popular ones.

The chaotic management of Rosa María Mateo and the director of information services for TVE, Enric Hernández, has caused one scandal after another in recent weeks. For the GPP, public television does not deserve this discredit.

For all these reasons, the members of the Popular Group in the Control Commission of RTVE -the deputy spokesperson of the GPP Macarena Montesinos, the spokesperson of the Commission Eduardo Carazo, and the deputies Tomás Cabezón, Tristana Moraleja, Carmen Riolobos and Andrés Lorite- have presented a battery of initiatives in the framework of the failure of the management of public Television, among which are the following questions:

1. The audience for the special Galician and Basque elections was 4.5%, below the specials for other networks and even for the La 2 movie (5.4%). What do you plan to do to regain the credibility and audience of your Newsletter?

2. How does the sole Administrator explain that since her appointment the management of RTVE is being a real fiasco that has caused the greatest internal crisis in its history and that is leading to an alarming flight from the audience that is leading to the most absolute irrelevance among the Spanish?

3. How does the sole Administrator justify that according to the 2019 Economic Report, the décifit exceeds 65 million euros?

4. The feeling that transcends, after so many dismissals and resignations in key RTVE places, is one of chaos and improvisation. Economic management is rampant deficit, and the general and news audience plummets. What is the balance of your provisional management that is already two years old?

5. What is your assessment of the troubled stage of Enric Hernández as Director of Information, News and Sports promoted by the Administrator in his restructuring of RTVE last September?

6. What do you think of the Sole Administrator that its Director of Information and News, Enric Hernández, and its Director of News, Pep Vilar, have been rejected in a referendum by the newsroom?

7. After three consecutive years of surplus (2016 – 2018), in 2019 RTVE enters red numbers. The waste has not reported any positive data. His successor will carry a backpack of debt generated by his disastrous management. What plan have you developed to tackle the deficit generated in 2019?

In addition, the GPP has presented another battery of initiatives, not only on the drop in audience in TVE and RNE, but related to the Dina Case and TVE's news coverage on this issue, which directly affects the second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias .

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