• Ask Minister Margarita Robles if the dismissals at the management of the Gómez Ulla Central Defense Hospital in Madrid and at the Defense Hospital in Zaragoza comply with efficiency criteria or not

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented in the Congress of Deputies, under Article 7 of the House Rules, a battery of requests for reports, accompanied by a large battery of written questions to the Government, to clarify whether the numerous dismissals and Changes of destiny that have taken place in the Military Health Care in the midst of a pandemic do or do not meet efficiency criteria.

Specifically, the GPP focuses its questions and requests for reports on forced dismissals and sudden dismissals, such as that of the person in charge of Human Resources at the Gómez Ulla Central Defense Hospital in Madrid who, with 14 years of experience in office, was set apart in full crisis of COVID-19 after the order signed by the undersecretary of Defense, Alejo de la Torre. He is also interested in the case of medical colonel Ana Betegón in another hospital, in this case the General Defense Hospital in Zaragoza, "a pioneer woman in the Armed Forces and with a magnificent record of services."

The GPP also requires data and documentation on the reasons that led to the dismissal of medical colonel Antonio Fe Marqués, head of the Department of Military Operational Medicine of Gómez Ulla, or the objective reasons why medical colonel Ángel Lorenzo Muñoz has stopped be an advisory member of the Under Secretary of Defense to be transferred to the Army Headquarters.

In the specific case of Gómez Ulla, the Popular Group is also interested in a battery of questions about the sudden dismissals of the Deputy Directors of Nursing Isabel Vegas, Rosa Galindo and Pilar Cornejo, as well as the resignation of up to 21 supervisors.

To these dismissals and resignations, the Popular Group adds data claims to Defense about various changes of destination. These are the cases of Colonel Alberto Hernández Abadía, who went from IGESAN to Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Defense; and the medical colonel Milagros Hijosa who, after spending a year at the head of the Technical Secretariat of Gómez Ulla, went to DISAN of the Air Force.

It also collects reports on the change of destination of medical colonel Guillermo Lanzas Melendo, who went from deputy director of Gómez Ulla to IGESAN and, shortly after, again to Gómez Ulla in another position, as well as on the cases of medical colonel Antonio Lobato , who passes “almost immediately” from IGESAN to become Deputy Director of Gómez Ulla, and Brigadier General Manuel López Perales, who passes from the IGESAN Sub-Inspection of Health and Expert Support to BRISAN.

"Unusual staff movements"

Likewise, the GPP wants Defense to present the reports of all the requests for leave of absence, and the causes that motivate them, since Lieutenant Colonel Elvira Pelet took possession as Head of the Anesthesiology and Reanimation Service of Gómez Ulla, date from the one that is taking place "unusual movements of personnel".

The GPP also claims the data related to the medal that was awarded to said lieutenant colonel for health care to a patient during a trip on the AVE, to know the objective merits that support this distinction, while requesting the list of all Members of the Military Health Service who were on this trip.

In relation to cases of alleged “denigrating treatment” of workers, the GPP also asks two questions in writing, one about the three files that the recently appointed supervisor of Gómez Ulla has open, and another about whether it is true that she was already terminated in 2017 at the request of the unions.

Regarding the Anesthesiology and Reanimation Service, the GPP also claims the records of purchase material related by said Department in the Gómez Ulla, but also in the General Defense Hospital in Zaragoza and throughout the Military Health Service. In addition, he asks for the reasons that explain "the great lack of civil and military specialists" that the Anesthesiology and Reanimation Service of the Madrid hospital currently suffers from.

Wuhan Military Games

On the other hand, the Popular Group has also demanded reports from the Defense about the members of the Spanish delegation that participated in the World Military Games in Wuhan, between October 18 and 27, the focus city of the world pandemic.

After it was published that several of them fell ill with symptoms similar to COVID-19, during or after that sporting event, the GPP demands to know the number of tests carried out on the members of said delegation, as well as the number of people affected by Coronavirus at their Return.

All the parliamentary initiatives, between requests for reports and a battery of questions, are signed by the PP deputy secretaries, Pablo Montesinos and Antonio González Terol, the deputy spokesman of the GPP, Carlos Rojas, the defense spokesman of the GPP, Fernando Adolfo Gutiérrez Díaz de Otazu, and the deputies José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro, Agustín Almodóbar, Juan Antonio Callejas, María José García Pelayo, Jesús Postigo, Pilar Ramallo, Paloma Gázquez, Jaime Mateu and César Sánchez.

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