They also request the appearance in the Lower House of the Secretary of State for Security and the Director General of the Civil Guard

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a battery of questions and the request for the appearance in Congress of the Secretary of State for Security to explain the contracts for the prevention and diagnosis of COVID-19 to companies that sell appliances. Likewise, they ask for explanations about the purchase of tests without CE certificates and without fulfilling the deliveries, which have left the officials who are still waiting for the completion of the 30,000 tests announced by the Minister on April 23.

Along the same lines, the GPP has submitted another request to appear to the Director General of the Civil Guard to find out the reasons for the high number of COVID-19 infections in the Civil Guard compared to other Police Corps.

With a battery of questions signed by the GPP deputy spokesperson, Carlos Rojas, the deputy to the General Secretariat, Isabel Borrego, the Interior Spokesperson, Ana Vázquez, and the deputy Beatriz Fanjul, the Popular Group wants to know how many of those 30,000 tests They have been carried out as of May 7, and the reasons why the Ministry of the Interior acquires COVID-19 test for its officials without approval from the European Union.

The GPP demands a written response from the Government to find out, among other issues, “what the Ministry is going to do with the purchase that has not yet left China for tests without a certificate, and how it is possible that the Ministry of the Interior buys another 20,000 tests of COVID-19 not approved by the EU to the same company ”. Finally, popular parliamentarians ask themselves if the Ministry of the Interior finally plans to test officials without such approval, and if they consider that Prison Officials, Civil Guards and National Police officers should do different tests than the rest of the Spanish and without the appropriate quality certificates ordered by the EU

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