Reunión de la Mesa del Congreso y de la Junta de Portavoces

It is about promoting all the necessary actions for the recovery of the activity, the survival of the companies and the maintenance of employment

The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered in Congress a Proposal not of Law in which it requires the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to understand "the magnitude of the economic crisis that COVID-19 is already generating" and, through the adoption of Draft measures, implement a Shock Plan for Tourism to begin "to contribute to the recovery of the most important economic sector of the economy in Spain".

With this initiative, the GPP urges the Government "to promote, together with the Autonomous Communities, destinations, social agents, unions and business organizations, a great agreement to make Tourism a priority of the Administration".

The Executive is also considering "the creation of a Special Protection System for Spanish Tourism in labor, economic and social matters, which promotes all the necessary actions for the recovery of the activity, the survival of companies and the maintenance of employment".

This initiative calls on the Government to "plan and reinforce promotional and communication actions in the domestic and international markets to improve the perception of Spain as a top-level tourist destination in terms of safety, quality and professionalism that will help restore confidence to return to travel". Also to "reactivate consumption to recover economic activity as soon as possible."

In the explanatory memorandum of the initiative signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the GPP general secretary, Guillermo Mariscal, the deputy to the General Secretariat Isabel Borrego, the GPP tourism spokesperson, Agustín Almodóbar, and the deputy Sebastián Ledesma It is stated that "the Spanish tourism industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has completely paralyzed any type of activity and that could suffer an unprecedented debacle in the tourist history of Spain."

"The health emergency caused by Covid-19 has placed tourism in the worst known situation since its birth," stresses the GPP, "and the impact, consequences and new challenges facing companies, tourist destinations and workers in the sector imply that the government has to give an answer according to the circumstances. "

In addition to various studies and surveys, "the World Tourism Organization predicts that international tourist arrivals will decrease by between 20% and 30% in 2020, compared to the 2019 figures, which will translate into a loss worth five to seven years of growth, a significant decrease in income and the destruction of thousands of jobs. ”

The Proposition indicates that "tourism in Spain is undoubtedly the economic sector most affected by the COVID crisis19, however it has demonstrated its unity and has been up to the task of helping to face this immense health emergency", offering its establishments for medicalize them or house sanitarians or security forces.

In addition to dealing with travel agencies and hotels, the GPP initiative highlights that "the concern is growing on the part of the entire Spanish tourism business fabric for the management of this crisis from the Government, especially in economic and business matters" . “Since the state of alarm began, no measure that the Executive has had to take has been done thinking about the productive fabric that this country supports, and for which tourism is directly responsible for more than 15% of GDP . The Government of Spain is wrong to make the entire cost of this crisis fall on the backs of companies, "he adds.

Questions to the Government

In relation to this sector, the GPP Tourism spokesman, Agustín Almodóbar, has submitted four questions to the Government for its written response. The questions are:

– Does the Government consider that the measures approved by the Government of Spain can satisfy the needs of the tourism sector?

– Is the Government working on a protocol regarding distance, capacity and hygiene for the reopening of tourist establishments? And if so, are you working on it with the collaboration of the tourism sector?

– What is the role that tourism will have on the table for the economic and social reconstruction announced by the Government?

– What is the time that the Government estimates that it will take Spain to recover the tourism of meetings after the sanitary crisis of the COVID19?

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