The High Education Inspectorate must be able to act quickly and efficiently, and have a sanctioning capacity if the legal-constitutional order is violated

The Popular Parliamentary Group has registered a Proposal no of Law, for its debate in Plenary and in Commission, in which it demands to reinforce the High Educational Inspection so that the Constitution is not violated and the common language of the State is protected.

Signed by the GPP spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo; the deputy spokeswoman, Sandra Moneo, and the spokeswoman in the Education Commission, María del Carmen González Guinda, proposes the development of a new regulation that defines, precisely and urgently, the common teachings in their own terms that must inevitably be collected the textbooks; and ensure compliance with the linguistic rights of all Spaniards. In particular, the right to receive these teachings in the common official language of the State.

In this sense, it asks to guarantee the political and ideological neutrality of the educational centers – in the terms of article 18 of the Organic Law 8/1985 of the Right to Education – in order to preserve them as places free of indoctrination.

Proposition no of law urges the Government to promote the legal reforms necessary to prevent the fracture of the education system with a High Inspection that can verify that textbooks and other teaching materials are adapted to the common teachings within the ordinary inspection process . And that the studies taken are in accordance with the provisions of state legislation, also for the purpose of issuing degrees, academics and professionals, valid throughout the national territory.

In addition, this High Inspection should be provided with sanctioning capacity when the legal-constitutional order is violated, and be able to carry out the precise requirements and inspections in the centers throughout the national territory.

The GPP believes that the failed State Pact for Education would have been the most appropriate framework to solve these problems. However, given the urgency of giving a decisive response to this situation, it presents this Proposal not of Law so that the High Inspection can act quickly and efficiently in the event of any violation of constitutional principles, values ​​and freedoms, as well as Failure to comply with the basic regulations.

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