Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and Ana Beltrán urge the Executive to reject the attacks on the identity of Navarra

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented three non-law Propositions in Congress in which the Government is urged to cancel the agreement signed by the highest presidents of the PSOE and the PNV for the investiture in everything that affects Navarra, in addition to rejecting the repeated attacks of Basque nationalism on the identity of the Foral Community and so that it commits itself to the continuity of the Civil Guard in its territory.

The three initiatives, signed by the spokeswoman of the GPP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the vice-secretary of Organization of the party and president of the Navarrese PP, Ana Beltrán, are in defense of Navarra and so that the Government rejects the continuous attacks on the identity of the Foral Community from Basque nationalism.

In the first place, it is recalled that on December 30, the agreement signed by Pedro Sánchez and the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortúzar, was published to support the investiture of the first, which included the transfer in six months of the competitions of Traffic to Navarre, and determine the deficit objectives within the framework of the Mixed Commissions of Basque Concert and Navarre Agreement.

In his opinion, it is “surprising, not to say outrageous” that Sánchez and Ortúzar agree matters that correspond exclusively to the Navarrese institutions, so they add that this “intolerable interference” must be rejected in all its terms, not only by the content but also because of the "offensive, invasive and total interference" form in Navarra affairs outside the Navarrese. Therefore, the Government is urged "not to take into account the agreements signed between the PNV and the PSOE in everything that refers to the Foral Community of Navarra."

In addition, the Executive is urged to reject any interference in the legal and political status of Navarra, defined in the Amejoramiento del Fuero and the Spanish Constitution, as well as the agreement for the transfer of Traffic, so that the Civil Guard maintains all its units in the Foral Community.

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