The GPP registers a battery of parliamentary questions so that the Government defines which highways would be affected by this measure and how much the Spanish would have to pay for the use of these infrastructures in each province

The Popular Parliamentary Group requires the Government to explain as soon as possible the information that points to the possible implementation of new taxes and tolls for the use of roads that are currently free to use.

To this end, the popular demand information in two ways: A first question signed by the deputy spokesman for economic affairs of the GPP management, Mario Garcés, and by the spokesman in the Development Commission, Andrés Lorite, and a battery of questions , signed by the deputies of each province.

The GPP asks the Government, first of all, to explain whether it plans to establish a tax for the payment for use of highways that were not subject to taxation, and what the cost would be for the Spaniards. And, secondly, the deputies of the PP claim to know what the motorways affected in each province would be and how much would be the amount to be paid for each Spanish who makes use of these infrastructures.

Mario Garcés has indicated that “the confirmation of this announcement would suppose a new tax increase to the Spaniards. It is not a novelty that the Government, instead of maintaining a policy oriented towards the rationalization and efficiency of public spending, strives to reduce the resources of the people ”. Garcés has added that "the fiscal policy of this Government is erratic, but it always coincides in its obsession to increase the fiscal pressure of all".

The GPP warns of the negative impact that these advertisements have on the confidence of the Spaniards, who are always affected by the erratic and damaging policies that the Socialists are launching.

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