Exigimos al Gobierno que garantice fondos suficientes a las Universidades por el nuevo sistema de tasas

• Claim a line of aid from the Ministry so that they can face the increase in costs for the 2020-2021 academic year

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposition not of Law demanding the Government to guarantee sufficient funds to the Universities by the new system of fees, and denounces that it is a measure that has not been discussed or agreed with nor with the Autonomous Communities. nor with the Universities and that, in the crisis caused by the coronavirus, it can be fatal for the public universities if they are not provided with funds.

The popular explain that the Government introduced the new system in the Royal Decree-Law 17/2020 through "a final provision (sixth) that has nothing to do with the purpose of the Royal Decree-Law, with which the University Law is amended ”To actually go back to the 2011 rate system.

It is “a measure of a clear political-programmatic nature, adopted by surprise, without prior agreement with the university administrations”. But the worst thing is that it is done "without an economic study of the impact and the associated economic compensation, which directly affects the 50 public universities of our country, and which initial estimates indicate may approach 1,000 million euros."

For this reason, the initiative – signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the deputy spokeswoman, Sandra Moneo, the spokesperson for Universities, María Jesús Moro, the deputy spokesperson for Universities, Elena Castillo, and the spokesperson for Ciencia e Innovation, Pedro Navarro- urges the Executive to "approve a line of aid from the Ministry so that Universities can face the new scenario for the 2020-2021 course of cost increases" and also to "allocate the savings derived from the application of this measure, as a consequence of the decrease in the price of university credit, to the improvement and reinforcement of the scholarship system ”.

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