The GPP calls for Sánchez to appear in Congress to report on the latest European Council and new measures against the Coronavirus
Registered the two requests to appear in the Lower House

In line with the claims of entities such as the OCU, FEDETAXI or the National Transport Federation FENADISMER

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposal not of Law in the Congress in which the Government is urged to, among other measures, rectify its special rule on ITVs during the state of alarm since, among other harmful aspects for users , makes the following technical inspections of the vehicles more expensive, by shortening the term to carry them out.

The initiative explains that, after the de-escalation plan was approved, Health issued a special rule with a “crazy” regime to extend the deadlines for passing the ITV, allowing a maximum extension due to the pandemic, but computing as the basis for the deadline for the next I review the date the current one had expired, and not the day the vehicle was finally or is being technically examined.

He adds that it is an “unfair” decision since there is no technical reason to shorten the validity period of the extended ITVs, in addition to being “harmful” to citizens, among which are many independent professionals from different sectors, who are forced to go back to the Inspection stations and pay for a new revision in less time than necessary, in addition to violating national and European regulations.

He also recalls that, given the “aberrant” decision of the SánchezIglesias coalition government, numerous entities have called on the Executive to reconsider the aforementioned rule, among them the OCU of consumers, the UTATAE, FEDETAXI self-employed workers or the FENADISMER transport company.

The Proposal, signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, together with the deputy spokesperson Sandra Moneo, the spokesperson for Road Safety, Óscar Gamazo, and the deputies Jaime Mateu and Tristana Moraleja, urges the Government to:

one. Set an extension period for the validity of technical inspections of all professional vehicles that expire during the period of the alarm state, extending them up to seven additional months

2. Delete the second article of the order SND / 413/2020, of May 15, which establishes special measures for the technical inspection of vehicles in order not to roll back the revision date to the original deadlines for technical inspections. for any vehicle whose inspection expires during the alarm state.

3. Promote the necessary actions to increase the capacity and opening hours of ITV stations to the public in order to avoid their saturation and to be able to catch up with all the users who have suffered their closure as a result of the alarm state. decreed by the government on March 14.

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